Silver Ion underwear

Silver Ion underwear: more fresh, more clean.

For obtaining hygene, protection and freshness the frontal insert has been treated with the antimicrobial leading Silver Ion technology named Silver +.

Long lasting effect for about 50 washings, skin friendly and nature respectful, this underwear has also a perfect fit to be worn every day.

The products are an extraordinary resistance to washing and dry cleaning, be on good terms with nature.

Advantage comfort by preserving freshness:

  • Hygiene, protection and freshness for tomorrow’s textile
  • Perfect synergism of freshness and optimised moisture transport.
silver ion underwear
silver ion underwear
Silver ion underwear
silver ion underwear man

Through the use of silver ion underwear collection inspired by aerospace and sports, underwear silver ion Alan Red is not only fashionable but eliminates microbes to 100%, reduces odours, balances the breathability and regulates the temperature of the body by leaving your skin fresh, dry and protected even after numerous washes.

With more than 75 years of italian experience in producing the finest combed cotton yarn, we know underwear inside out.

  • Perfect lasting neck
  • Super comfort fit
  • Best combed yarn
  • Extra soft touch
  • Perfect stretch keeping the shape close to your body

Silver ion underwear collection by Alan Red brand wants to fit the exigencies of a man and woman who simply wishes a “perfect white t-shirt”.

The long experience of Alan Red in producing and selling these articles is clearly represented also in the silver ion underwear:

  • Heritage feeling: it’s not a new coming in the business. Behind these underwear products there are over 75 years of italian experience.
  • Wider and wider range of products, now also with the new innovative Silver Ion underwear and Bamboo underwear technology.
  • High experience and high quality
  • Clean image of the products and the packaging.

Alan Red Underwear is a specialist in the production of the silver ion t-shirts and silver ion boxer straight from Italy.

Alan Red Underwear is the 1st producer and has an high and costant quality.

The silver ion underwear collections are characterized by classic and modern t-shirts with normal or deep V and O neck.

Alan Red Underwear uses the finest combed cotton yarns compact: brighter, more durable and less hairy.