ALAN RED UNDERWEAR brand wants to fit the exigencies of a man and woman who simply wishes a «perfect white t-shirt» and that now can also have a PERFECT COMFORT AND INNOVATIVE BOXER.

The long experience of the company in producing and selling these articles is clearily represented also in the products:

  • Brand perception: heritage feeling. It’s not a new coming in the business. Behind these products there are over 70 years of experience and hundreds of people with selected skills for styling, developing, manufacturing, checking products which are already successfully sold in other countries.
  • Brand experience: wider and wider range of products, now also with a wider bottom offer. Also the packaging repeats it: «We know underwear inside out».
  • Brand image: class. The image of the products and packaging are not overloaded and shouted. The image is clean as a White T-shirt should be.
alanred underwear t-shirt man

ALAN RED believes in its highly specialized factories and direct control of the whole production cycle.
The company is highly committed to develop internally new fabrics, test product performance and produce high quality garments.
Great emphasis is given to the style and design entirely made by the internal styling office exploiting the over 70 years of Company history, experience and presence in the market.
Every single stage of the workflow and detail of the product are taken care with passion and precision in order to achieve a comprehensive high production and service quality.

  • Designed As A Pair
  • RecognizableItalianDesign
  • Storytelling
  • Perfect Fit
  • Best Cotton Yarn
  • Soft
  • Details
  • Freedom Of  Movement
  • Craftmenship
  • Styledand designedin Italy