Bamboo underwear

Bamboo underwear fiber is one of the great eco-friendly innovations in the textile field of recent years.

Amazing are the great properties and the countless benefits of this natural fiber, more and more requested and appreciated by the market.

Bamboo underwear fiber is good for the skin and the environment, as to be considered the most eco-friendly material in the textile field.

The fabrics of Bamboo underwear maintain the properties of good stability, resistance to creases, antipilling and their antibacterial nature even after repeated washing.

Bamboo underwear clothing is very soft and, when worn, gives a pleasant feeling of freshness even after several hours of contact.

From the Bamboo underwear fiber born garments characterized by very soft, thin and breathable fabrics.

bamboo underwear alanred
bamboo underwear
bamboo underwear woman
bamboo underwear man

The fabrics made from bamboo underwear fiber are even more resistant than cotton; they help to mantain the body temperature at a fair level and have a good antibacterial properties.

The great antibacterial and breathable properties make bamboo fiber particularly suitable for the production of high quality underwear.

Bamboo underwear is the most appreciated textile fiber by those who care the environment.

Bamboo coltivation is highly environmental sustainable.

Bamboo is ranked as the most sustainable plant for its rapid life cycle. Bamboo plants not require a large quantities of water, pesticides or fertilizers.

T-shirts bamboo underwear:

  • Weight: 250 g/m2
  • Neck: boarded neck
  • Fit: normal/stretch
  • Short sleeve
  • Ultra comfort
  • Ultra soft

Boxer Bamboo underwear:

  • Weight: 250 g/m2
  • Elastic waistband in single color and with Alan Red logo
  • Higher fit
  • Double pouch for extra comfort
  • Longer leg lenght
  • Ultra comfort
  • Ultra soft

Our bamboo underwear for man and woman is not only fashionable, but also ultra confortable and versatile.

All the bamboo articles has the most eco-friendly and soft fabric on the planet.

Antibacterial, highly sweat absorbent, powerfully insulating, naturally uv protectant, hypoallergenic and eco-frienldy: you’ll love the way it feels